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Women Only Jiu-Jitsu Class

Published by : GB Chino Staff on July 25, 2018 category : Events,News.


The 4 Most Common Jiu-Jitsu White Belt Problems

Published by : site-admin on July 12, 2018 category : Events.

This week’s Gracie Barra Technique post is for the first year white belt students. In your first year of training jiu-jitsu there are some very common technique problems that are shared by most students. Getting caught under side control? You continue reading...

GB Learning : Tournament Guard Passing

Published by : site-admin on June 27, 2018 category : Events.

Learn to Guard Pass for your next competition Observe all of the different divisions at a bjj tournament and it doesn’t take long to see just how many matches come down to passing and defending the guard. The majority of continue reading...

3 Tips to improve your Jiu-Jitsu Guard

Published by : site-admin on June 12, 2018 category : Events,News.

Practicing the Jiu-Jitsu Guard Game. Since 50% of your training time in jiu-jitsu you will be working from the bottom, your guard is super important. The sophistication of the jiu-jitsu guard position is the most significant difference between jiu-jitsu and continue reading...

Gracie Barra Learning: Advanced Shoulder Locks

Published by : site-admin on May 8, 2018 category : Events,News.

Gracie Barra Professors teaching some advanced shoulder locks. When you think about submissions that attack the shoulder, you might think or the Kimura lock or the Americana. Both are very versatile submissions, but there are more that you may not continue reading...

Arm Bar Setups by Gracie Barra Professors

Published by : site-admin on May 2, 2018 category : Events.

Great Arm Bar Setups 5 Gracie Barra instructors teach us how they like to attack the arm bar with some creative setups from different positions. 1) Arm bar from mount When I first saw this trick from Prof. Draculino on continue reading...

Mental Preparation For Competition

Published by : site-admin on April 4, 2018 category : Events,News.

The time before a major competition is when the athletes sharpen their skills, push their level of physical conditioning and look to strategies for the matches. The physical part of preparation is important, but many experienced competitors also point out continue reading...