While the gym has only been open since the beginning of July, the staff is full of experience and know how! It is a whole different kind of exercise and empowerment for all ages. I would highly recommend it!!

- I would highly recommend it!!

This school is great. Our son Max age 9 started about 5 months ago and we are very proud of his change in confidence and demeanor . The staff are great and make it a fun place for everyone to learn. Professors Rafael and Brian have the ability to teach and the patience to repeat and demonstrate every step. We love the pep talks at the end. – Regarding our sister school in Chino, CA

- Vince R.

We’ve been a part of Gracie Barra Chino for approximately 8 years. The Professors, Rafael and Bryan and great instructors and mentors. Both my children have excelled mentally and physically because of jiu jitsu. I highly recommend this studio for youth and adults, it will change your life physically and mentally! – Regarding our sister school in Chino, CA

- Joe E.

My kids love coming here ! Rafael and Brian are very patient and helpful . My oldest son Dominic is been doing bjj for about 2 years at this location and have won tournaments and 1 time the Pan-American so proud of him , right now he is a yellow and black belt and my youngest white with 3 strips . If you are looking for a good activity after school this is it , it’s a great program I recommend it greatly – Regarding our sister school in Chino, CA

- Vianney A.